The Intersection of Sustainability & Technology
Published: Oct 11, 2022 3:17 AM
Updated: 3:22 AM

As Malaysia set out ambitious goals in addressing heavy climate change today, global and local technology companies started to set up sustainability goals and are keen in exploring circular economy opportunities in helping minimize the carbon emissions. Most companies have been moving towards eco-friendly technology and demanding sustainable technology in businesses. 

Episode 29 of the Top In Tech series explored how technology has the access to sustainability that actively reduces carbon footprints and enhances technology quality. Moderated by Karamjit Singh, the panelists were Tommy Lim, CEO, ICT Zone Asia Berhad, Kamarul Baharin, Sustainability Leader, Deloitte Malaysia and Rajender Bedi, Director – Enterprise Clients Sales APJ and PRC, Intel. 

Malaysia’s Efforts Towards The Intersection of Sustainability and Technology. 

Kamarul pointed out ever since the extreme climate change, individuals and companies have started taking an initiative focusing on environmental sustainability, in avoiding all possible risks. Most companies in Malaysia have been demanding zero-carbon technologies for data keeping in helping the companies moving into minimal energy waste. Nevertheless, all the demands made heavily depend on technology evolution today. 

“All the big technologies have made a move towards sustainability. However, efforts by the giant technologies company in reducing e-waste would not be complete with insufficient efforts of proper e-waste disposal. In order to reduce the e-waste pollution, ICT Zone Asia offers technology devices leasing, buying and maintaining services to the consumers and indirectly allows businesses to cultivate growth practices and move towards ESG approaches. It plays a part in the technology industry in Malaysia by becoming the technology centre in monitoring till managing the proper way of technology disposal and moves towards sustainability”, said Tommy.  

How Can Technology Help in Sustainability Efforts?

Tommy noted that, with proper use of energy management and green energy use of technology in businesses, it can lead to huge contributions in sustainability. There are now countless technology devices that can be chosen from that are beneficial toward the environment as it lowers the carbon footprints. Maximizing the device's usage and limiting the e-waste by donating unused devices to the needy is one of the practices that would not only benefit the environment, but also the community. 

“The evolution of computer technology can be described as one of the best examples in overall sustainability efforts. Banking efforts, for instance, in switching to online banking systems, play a significant role in sustainability as it reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Looking from the future perspective, sustainability efforts allow technology companies to introduce a new concept as well as modernize the existing technology in lessen the carbon footprints”, said Rajender. 

Sustainability, a new form of business model. 

Rajender explained that sustainability has zero impact on businesses and would not be a downfall to a company. As the nation has been transforming into digital transformation, it is safer for companies to step out of their comfort zone and adapt with the new way of business transformation. He believed that sustainability efforts introduced a new way of business concept without shrinking or conserving the economy that directly benefits everyone. 

“Bursa Malaysia initiative into setting a holistic approach on sustainability has established a high-quality and sustainable market that significantly helped businesses into moving forwards towards the environment. It is not yet mandatory to make sustainability reports, however, there are plenty of companies that have voluntarily done sustainability reporting in ensuring the companies business progress to be more efficient and sustainable”, said Kamarul. 

Key Takeaway

“Everyone should be able to contribute to sustainability efforts as soon as possible as by right their day to day, all businesses and individuals are using technology. A proper e-waste management needs to be developed because at the end, it is everyone's responsibility to lessen the environmental issue that has been tremendously growing today”, concluded Tommy. 

“My advice here is for people to acknowledge the importance of sustainability in technologies and start contributing efforts in moving forward toward sustainability in everyday lives”, concluded Kamarul.

“Don’t be afraid to use environmentally-friendly technology. Technology needs to be raised as the centre of sustainability. Proper initiatives of sustainability can be made by choosing modern efficient-energy devices and recycled devices that are crucial in delivering sustainable efforts”, concluded Rajender. 

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